The following are statements we’ve developed.  Hopefully, they express something of our outlook and goals.

The Disciplines of a Disciple

  • We participate in a culture of prayer.
  • We practice integrity and are accountable to Christ and one another. We seek to live as authentic followers of Christ.
  • We seek opportunities to witness for Jesus Christ.
  • We understand the Bible is the foundation of our faith. We engage in Bible study as we grow in faith.
  • We grow as we relate to each other in small group study, discussion and prayer and as the whole church in worship, music and fellowship.
  • We serve Christ in the community and the wider world.

Our Values

  • We each examine our own soul and motives as we seek to be a disciple of Christ.
  • A disciple is always growing.
  • Our church constantly seeks the will of God in Jesus Christ.
  • Disciples instill hope and encouragement in one another through Christian love.
  • Joy underlies the life of faith.


We invite you to visit Bethlehem and worship with us this Sunday!”